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William Kern is managing editor and executive director of non-profit journalism project Worldmeets.US and is a former copy editor and page designer at numerous newspapers, including the International Herald Tribune, the San Mateo Country Times, the Taipei Times and the Taiwan News. In 2005 he began his life's work of revealing to the American people how the non-English global media covers the United States when he invented trans-copyediting - a system that allows news editors to check the accuracy of human-translated copy and in 2007, he incorporated Worldmeets.US Inc. as an educational non-profit. Over the years, Kern and his dedicated global team of translators have rendered into English thousands of columns about the United States - its politics, culture and history - from around the planet and every major language. In partnership with The London Metropolitan University, Worldmeets.US is helping train the translators of tomorrow, offering internships to qualified student candidates.

Since the Snowden revelations exposed the Deep State and the corruption of the corporate media, Kern's work has taken on new urgency, which has led him to launch The World Meets America Report on with legendary radio producers David Rubini and Don Naylor.

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January 2016


The World Meets America Report examines comments made about Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, which was held from January 20-23. Host William Kern examines comments made at Davos by Financial Times Columnist Gideon Rachman, who says that attendees at Davos fear they are "losing control of the political process," George Soros, who says Trump is 'doing the work of ISIS,' Stephen Schwarzman, CEO of the Blackstone Group, who expresses shock that 'people are so angry' that they would support people like Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump, British author and columnist Niall Ferguson, who councils his fellow Davos attendees that things were much worse in 1968, House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy, who disavows Donald Trump and even refuses to mention his name, Stephen G. Pagliuca of Bain Capital who tells an Egyptian attendee that Trump doesn’t represent the country, and Senator Chris Coons of Delaware, who says that when people running for U.S. president say what Trump is saying, it is 'dangerous


In this episode, The World Meets America Report spoke to Dr. Hall Gardner, Professor and Chair of International and Comparative Politics at The American University of Paris, to get his reaction to comments last week by European columnists Patrik Etschmayer and Dr. Regula Stämpfli about the threat of E.U. fragmentation due to mass migration and a growing split between east and west Europe over the influence of Brussels; whether the myth of a Middle Class-capitalist paradise was built and maintained simply to defeat the Soviets during the Cold War, and that after the fall of the Berlin Wall, the need to maintain the protections and privileges allotted to the Western Middle class diminished, leading to the shrinkage of the Middle Class across the Western World. Dr. Gardner and host William Kern also discuss China's growing involvement in the Syria crisis and the Middle East in general; Taiwan's recent election of that nation's first woman president - and one who favors Taiwan independence; the possibility that the U.S. might see fit to strengthen ties with Taiwan as Washington's confrontation with Beijing heats up; and India's insane blockade of Nepal over its new secular, or in other words, non-Hindu constitution.  


In part one of a two-part episode, The World Meets America Report spoke to Dr. Hall Gardner, Professor and Chair of International and Comparative Politics at The American University of Paris, about the way the United States has mishandled recent diplomatic openings with Iran, most recently following the September 11 attacks when Iran's last reformist president, Mohammad Khatami was shown the back of the Bush Administration's hand. Dr. Gardner finds nothing unusual about the way 10 U.S. sailors were treated when they fell into Iranian hands off Farsi Island, which is the site of an Iranian Revolutionary Guard military base. Dr. Gardner thinks Russia will lose out thanks to the Iran nuclear deal because Tehran will now seek to buy nuclear reactors from Western countries like Germany rather than Russia, and over time, weapons systems as well.


December 2015


The World Meets America Report spoke to student translator and northern California Native Ashley Divine about why, one year ago, she decided to become Muslim, what it was like for her to convert from Christianity, and why she and other American Muslims think of Donald Trump and the debate about Muslims being prevented from entering the United States. William Kern also offered a brief overview of Muslims in America, starting with the first known Muslim in the New World in 15.


The World Meets America Report spoke to Gianni Riotta, columnist for La Stampa and a leading European commentator, to discuss comparisons between the United States and Ancient Rome and Donald Trump and Julius Caesar. Mr. Riotta underlined Trump's success bringing some of the most down and out members of the American middle class back into the political process. Mr. Riotta and host William Kern also discussed whether the United States and its allies are responsible for the terrorist blowback we are now experiencing; whether it's possible that recent massacres and terrorist attacks were staged by the state to achieve specific policy objectives – Mr. Riotta says no; or whether the intelligence services may know of some of these events in advance and allow them to occur for the same reason – Mr. Riotta expressed skepticism. They also discussed whether we will ever get to the point where we say "enough security and surveillance – freedom comes with some risk."


William Kern talks to Iranian journalist Puyan Daryaban on the Iranian reaction to statements by Donald Trump that no Muslim should be permitted to enter the United States, what Iranians and the Iranian regime is saying about the climate change debate, why Iran's hardliners are trying to undermine President Rouhani's attempt to improve ties with the United States by preventing the release of Washington Post Reporter Jason Rezaian and whether reports that Iran is losing confidence in Bashar al-Assad are true.


The World Meets America Report spoke to journalist, author and publisher Ethan Casey who lived abroad for 13 years as a reporter for The Guardian, the Financial Times, The Boston Globe, The Globe and Mail, the South China Morning Post and Geographical Magazine. Casey warns of the logical consequence of following the path toward Muslims being laid out by GOP frontrunner Donald Trump, who he regards as a demagogue of the fascist persuasion. Ethan warns that if the United States instituted Trump's program, the country would become a 'very un-free society very quickly,' as occurred to Germany during the 1930s – but that Trump is not making a political revolution – he is 'responding to one' – referring to the 'sickness of American society.' Casey said that like many Germans of that era, given our current political trajectory, Americans may soon be forced to make some difficult choices about patriotism and conscience.


The World Meets America Report spoke to New York Times Best Selling author, Trump Confident and legendary political operative Roger Stone about the wild and wooly 2016 GOP presidential race, Donald Trump's controversial assertions that he would ban all Muslims from entering the United States and his new book The Clintons' War on Women. In terms of the campaign, Mr. Stone is adamant that Trump is dominating the race precisely because of mainstream and establishment outrage over his positions and that the current storm over Muslims will only make him stronger. Mr. Stone and William Kern then discussed his current book The Clintons' War on Women and the patterns of criminality and wrongdoing it illustrates. He discusses the criminal nexuses between the Clintons' and Bushs', which is the topic of his next book Jeb and the Bush Crime Family.


William Kern introduced Todd Shea, who happened to have been in New York to perform music on September 11, 2001, but ended up watching the Twin Towers collapse from a rooftop in Queens and immediately driving his band van to Ground Zero to supply first responders. It was a fateful moment that propelled Todd's life onto a completely new and unexpected trajectory: from an ambitious up-and-comer in the music industry to the founder of a disaster relief organization saving lives across the world. For the better part of a decade, Todd has lived full time in Pakistan, and he warns not to play into the hands of Islamic State by alienating America's moderate Muslim population, who he says come here to escape the kind of madness represented by ISIS.


What is being billed as the most important summit – perhaps in world history – has begun in Paris. Can we have any confidence that this time, a climate deal will really have an impact on the problem – excess carbon on the atmosphere – that is being discussed? World Meets America Report host William Kern examines the key issues and warns that unless the obsession with emissions cutting is replaced with sequestering carbon in soil – which could and would be wholeheartedly adopted by all the major players and is incontestably economically beneficial, this summit is destined to fail as spectacularly as all that came before.


Truth is Stranger than Lies: Patricia Steere and David Weiss on the Paris Attack.


November 2015


William Kern on the American corporate media, why it is hopelessly corrupt, and as a an example of alternative ways of looking at things, Kern introduces the Russian narrative on Syria – just to be fair and see if someone else might have a few points that the geniuses in Washington may have missed or averted their gaze from.


Parisian Sandrine Ageorges, one of the world's leading opponents of the death penalty, spoke to The World Meets America Report about the last week in Paris, the change in mood that has taken hold of the French people; the ordeal of her niece, who was in the Bataclan Theater when the terrorists attacked; whether she would oppose the death penalty for the terrorists who struck Paris; and how the atmosphere in Paris has changed since last week when ISIS militants ran amuck in the streets, restaurants, a theater and a stadium in Paris.

October 2015