Lost Arts Radio

Lost Arts Radio

Hosted by Richard Sacks

Lost Arts Radio, very pleased to have the opportunity and invitation to move to TalkNetwork.com and become part of this exciting new project, is a health show. People sometimes ask us, if your show is a health show, why do you have so much content on freedom issues, economic and political concerns, agriculture, psychology, and so many more topics many people might think of as separate from the subject of health. The reason is that all of these things directly impact our health. The holistic approach to health is not just using an herb instead of a drug, it is much more. It requires understanding how all the parts of our lives and what goes on around us interact and fit together, so we can allow the normal healing powers that are always operating to bring us back to our normal healthy state. It is nature that heals, we only learn to cooperate so it can happen for us.

Lost Arts Radio brings you a wide array of world-class guests with information and experience that add to our education in all areas of health and life, plus insights from your host's long experience in researching many levels of health and consciousness, which in the end, cannot really be separated. For those excited about their lifelong learning process and wanting to take it to the next stage, we hope Lost Arts Radio's programming will give you plenty of new material to think about and explore.

Comments and suggestions for show topics or guests are welcome, and you can email the host directly, [email protected]. Every email will be read, and direct responses will be sent to as many as possible, as time allows. Thanks for sharing this ongoing learning and healing adventure with us. The bottom line is, this show is about you, because the real power to change the world for the better is unleashed by remembering, exploring and re-discovering who you really are.

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