The Jack Blood Show

The Jack Blood Show

Hosted by Jack Blood

THE JACK BLOOD SHOW is a daily news radio broadcast with added background info, and historical perspective you are not getting via the MSM or Social Media. Jack Blood was one of the very first to broadcast on the internet, even while syndicating on large AM and FM radio stations. His views and opinions are based on over two decades of research, experience on the ground, and through interviewing some of the greatest minds of our generation. No Bandwagons, No Group-thinking, No cheer leading, No spinning bullshit, No soap sales, and No fear. Jack lays it all on the line giving you the Whole Story. With regular contributors, top notch personalities, researchers, a few bad guys, VIPs, LIVE reports with news makers, live callers, and in the moment analysis... The Jack Blood Show has traditionally annihilated the competition. NOW... After several years of keeping a low profile, and pod-casting to the underground... Jack is BACK, for one and for all. Prepare to be Unlearned, De-Illusioned, and De-Programmed.

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