Cosmic Perspective News

Cosmic Perspective News

Hosted by Timothy Rothschild and William Kern

What happens when a non-dual Kabalistic Shaman and a hard-bitten newsman team up for a look at what's at the root of today's current events? Timothy Rothschild of the Cosmic Perspective and William Kern of The World Meets America Report join forces for a badly needed adjustment to the prevailing broadcast paradigm - analyzing news from a non-material and spiritual point of view.

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January 2016


How can we liberate ourselves from the cycle of birth and death? Is there a way to stop repeating the same mistakes, as individuals and nations? As part of laying the groundwork for discussing current events from a spiritual and non-material perspective, hosts William Kern, a long-time journalist and host of The World Meets America report and non-dual Kabalistic Shaman and host of The Cosmic Perspective Timothy Rothschild, discuss perhaps the most important element of life and the human condition: karma. Does the law of karma explain why humanity continually fails to learn from history? What karmic responsibility do media personalities have for the actions their audiences take after listening to or watching their programs? What are the spiritual ramifications of slaughtering hundreds of thousands of animals a day for food – when they, like us, are creatures that want to live? For that matter, what are the karmic consequences for the creator - or the intelligence behind all we know - of setting all this in motion? Journalist William Kern asks and non-dual Kabalistic Shaman Timothy Rothschild answers on this edition of Cosmic Perspective News


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